Marmotex Group provides marble, granite and general contracting services, in addition to supplying and installing one of the leading companies. Which is characterized by providing high quality and distinguished services in the design and implementation of various projects.


Granite installation is a specialized service related to the installation of granite in various spaces, such as floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, and entrances. Granite is a hard and durable volcanic rock that is both beautiful and elegant, making it a popular choice in both interior and exterior projects. Granite is installed in specialized and highly skilled ways to obtain perfect results. Granite is cut to the right sizes precisely and fitted in a tight manner to ensure quality and durability.

Various design and finishing options are also included, allowing the customer to achieve the perfect result that suits their needs and tastes. Granite installation service is an essential service provided by contracting and interior design companies, and is widely used in commercial and residential projects. Granite is also characterized by durability and long-term durability, which means that it can be relied upon for projects that require durability and high performance.